“I had buying a house on my mind for 2 years. I got a REALTOR and started driving around looking at places within my budget. Unfortunately, I thought all I could afford was a condominium or something for no more than $[X]. I could tell that my REALTOR was disinterested in me because I didn’t have the big bucks to spend on a place and that’s when I found Mark Strub. I heard of him from a friend who had recently purchased a home and who were also on a budget as well.
I called Mark and up and he treated me with the respect I deserved. He asked me what I wanted, not what I thought I could get, but what I wanted. I told him I dreamed of owning a home, so I could have my own yard, and my daughter her own room. I told him I didn’t want to live north and I didn’t want to live too far south. He started looking immediately and in no time emailed several different options. In the mean time, I had taken a drive around Austin and came across a house for sale in a sweet little community. I called Mark right away and asked him to find out the cost. He came back with $[X]. Because of my past experience with REALTORS, I sighed and thought I could never afford that. He said let’s go take a look at it, just for kicks, so we did. The house had everything I was looking for and Mark crunched some numbers for me, even though that isn’t a part of his job. After talking the seller down and Mark helping me find good financing, I bought the house!
I am so glad I ditched the other REALTOR and went with Mark. I love my new house and even my neighbors.
I feel very fortunate to have found Mark.

Thank you, Mark”
-Rosie O.

“As first-time home buyers, we were very careful in selecting our real estate agent. Mark was referred to us by a colleague. Once we met him, he made an excellent case to hire him, and we did. Great decision! We knew exactly what we wanted in the house. Once we found a house that matched 85% of our requirements, Mark worked really hard to get us that house. Throughout the entire process, Mark made sure that our interests are protected first and foremost: if we were to walked away from the deal, Mark gave us his full support.
There were many hurdles and big decisions to make in short time regarding this specific house purchase: structural weakness, the work that needed to be done before closing, and foremost arrogant and uncooperative seller’s camp. Our family liked the house (and still does) a lot, Mark fully supported our decision, and took the challenge in stride. He focused on hammering a great deal for us, and making the best out of an impossible situation.
Almost, two years later, I can confirm that this house purchase worked out really great for our family. We plan to use his agency in the future, if the need arises. Thanks Mark!”

-Nebojsa S.

“It was easy to tell that Mark had my best interests at heart. A friend recommended him and said that he had come by after the closing to help her install her dishwasher! He is a great guy and a great real estate agent. I highly recommend him.”

-Rachel P.

“When faced with relocating to Austin, good friends suggested we work with Mark Strub. I called Mark on a rainy day in February and immediately felt a connection with him. While I rambled on about where I thought we wanted to live, Mark was great about listening between the lines and grasping the lifestyle my husband and I were looking for. Having lived here while I was getting my masters, I had a limited knowledge of the real estate available, and was crushed to learn of the prices in the neighborhoods I knew about. Mark took the lead and showed us a few properties in Great Hills and we instantly felt a connection to the area, and especially to the home we purchased. 

Real estate is about so much more than buying or selling a property. It also takes the expertise of a real estate agent who is willing to take the time to get to know the client, and understand their lifestyle and dreams. I highly recommend Mark Strub and will definitely use him in the future.”

-Shannon S.

“I decided that it was time to consider buying my first home, and several Austin realtors told me I didn’t have the budget to purchase a home in central Austin. At the recommendation of a friend, I called Mark Strüb. Not only were those other realtors flat out wrong, Mark was able to find dozens of options for me within my budget and in the right neighborhoods. On top of that, he was always available to get to a house as soon as it came on the market so I didn’t miss out. If he couldn’t be there, he made sure someone on his team was available to show.
Buying real estate in Austin is a roller coaster, to say the least. I knew NOTHING about buying a home, and Austin’s crazy market only complicates things. Mark knows Austin, and knew exactly what to show me and what to avoid based on what I was looking for. Over the course of a month, I put offers on 5 homes, and 4 of them were multiple offer situations that didn’t work out in my favor. But Mark kept me upbeat, certain that we’d find the best house for me.
Ultimately, we found a great house. Mark’s team provided great options for inspectors, plumbers, foundation experts, etc along the way, and they were always available to give me access to the home before closing.
Long story short, if you’re looking for a realtor in Austin, call Mark.”

– Kyle H.

“Mark is the first realtor that I’ve met and not only been impressed with but also genuinely liked. He is a great person and an even better realtor. When my husband and I first started looking for a home in Austin, we went through four or five agents before Mark was recommended to us.
Unlike other agents, he took the time to get to know us and our unique preferences. I always felt like Mark was showing us places in the ballpark of what we were looking for. He helped us understand the trade-offs between what my husband wanted and what I wanted.
He was always, always available to answer our questions or show us something that just popped up on the market. He also seemed to have a really good handle on listings that were going to come on the market before they did. Right now, that’s a key differentiating factor in the Austin market.
Throughout the offer, buying, and home ownership experience, Mark has been a true partner. He’s so accommodating and helpful. I can’t recommend him enough.”