How To Protest Your Proposed 2018 Tax Appraisal
Were you SHOCKED by your proposed property tax appraisal value this year? This chart shows how much Austin area property appraisals increased in 2018.


If you are like most homeowners in Austin, Texas, you have questions…
 “Can they rightfully do that?!”
 “Does this mean my house would sell for this much?!”
 “What does a Homestead Exemption do, and does my house have one in place?”
 “What can I do if I disagree with this new appraised value?”
 “If I protest my taxes to have them lowered will that hurt me when I try to sell my home later?”


We have made it our business to know everything about owning, selling and buying homes.  If you have any questions, these above or any others, STRÜB is available to help. There is a deadline by which you must decide what to do about this new proposed value so contact us today.
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