“It is such a pleasure to write this review. My husband (Kevin Brown) and I are competing to find the best words to capture our experience with Strub Residential, and specifically with Stewart Lane, since every aspect of service exceeded our expectations. Kevin has used “phenomenal,” “extraordinary,” and “awesome.” I find myself saying “stellar,” “spectacular,” and “truly remarkable.” Needless to say, we are over-the-moon about our new house/home and how the entire search and purchasing process went. Given Stewart’s expertise and genuine commitment to us, we found ourselves on a smooth and clear path to first-time home ownership, despite the challenge of moving from California and needing to conduct at least 90% of this business remotely. It all started with my internet search, looking for a real estate company that aligned with our values. We prefer working with and supporting local businesses, and it’s even better when we learn of their investment in the community. Strub hit the mark. Once I spoke to Kristina over the phone, and she connected us to Stewart, the bond was cinched. Stewart took the time to learn who we are — our interests, hobbies, values, needs, etc. — so that he could help us find the best home through remote search options. He was (and still is, almost 2 months after closing) extremely accessible by phone, text, and email, for all of our questions, concerns, apprehensions, crazy ideas & requests, and more. We had been renting a tiny house in the Silicon Valley for 23 years (not able to afford the insane housing prices there) and we needed someone with knowledge and patience to help us understand the ins and outs of not only buying a house, but buying a house ~1800 miles away. Stewart’s knowledge and patience are incredibly impressive. He explained every step with an appropriate level of detail (satisfying my highly inquisitive and skeptical software engineer husband isn’t easy). His integrity and transparency are present at all times, and his successful negotiations on our behalf served us well. Stewart consistently gives us great recommendations and helped us make informed decisions for all sorts of things related to the purchase, as well as work that we needed or wanted to do once we bought the house. In a nutshell, we cannot praise Stewart enough. He goes above and beyond with each and every communication and transaction. We remark to one another and to our friends & family that we have been blessed by Stewart’s attention and dedication to our happiness. We honestly have nothing short of new awesome friend in Austin. We are so grateful!”

-Heidi K.

“We had a great experience working with Ashley to buy our first house in Spanish Oaks, Austin. Ashley has a very strong sense of what is wrong and right. She works hard both with humility and without fuss or drama. Ashley was a great source of judgment during the intense moment’s house buying presented to us. You’re in great hands with her.”

– Melissa H.

“This review is about Ashley Jamieson. My husband and I were first time homebuyers on a fairly modest budget. Ashley was patient and supportive through the whole process. I was most impressed with her honesty – there were several times when we could have been very easily pressured to buy a house at the top end of our budget, but she was really looking out for our best interest. We went under contract early on in our search, but the inspection revealed many problems and she supported us in refusing that house. The end result was that her expert advice and negotiating skills got us our dream house in perfect condition for 10k under list price – in Cedar Park, quite a hot market. I wholeheartedly recommend Ashley.”

-Breanna H.

“Mark was great to work with. As a first time buyer I was very unfamiliar with the whole process. He and his staff were knowledgeable about the market and thorough with the buying process. I would recommend to anyone buying in Austin.”

– Colin A.

“We contacted Strüb and advised we were looking for a place in South Austin, and they hooked us up with Patrick, who they advised was familiar with the area. He was amazing. This was my first time buying a house and my girlfriend’s second time, and both of us agreed that this was a fantastic experience. Patrick was knowledgeable, on point with his recommendations, timely in his communications, and since he knew it was my first time buying a house, he took the time to explain several things to me when I didn’t understand – he is very patient. I have heard horror stories about the home buying process and Patrick put my fears to rest within the first two interactions. I really can’t recommend this place enough. If you are looking to buy or sell a house in Austin – do yourself a favor and call Strüb. They were excellent”

-Jesse M.

“First time home buyer that couldn’t be more pleased with my experience with STRUB Residential and my agent, Stewart Lane. I received a personal touch, with the company and Stewart truly invested in my purchase. Stewart walked me through the process start to finish. There was never a shortage of homes or recommendations. Within a few weeks, I walked away as a new home buyer and a strong supporter of this organization. If you are looking for a home in the greater Austin area, look no further and trust the people who have been here for a while.”

– Cy S.

“As a first-time home buyer, I was thrilled to have chosen Patrick Sarb with Strub Residential as a partner to go through this process with me. He was there every step of the way and provided me guidance in ways I did not even know I would need. He showed up to every appointment, all walk-throughs, the closing, and even helped me move at the end. Throughout all of our time together, I never felt rushed or pressured. He worked around my crazy work schedule and even attended appointments for me when I could not be there, as well as keeping things extremely organized along the way. He answered all my questions, emails, and phone calls in the most prompt manner. He calmed me down when I got nervous and celebrated with me when I was excited. He also gave me excellent recommendations for individuals in other businesses along the way as well. His professionalism was superb and positive energy was just what I needed. I recommend him whole-heartedly! You will not be disappointed with Patrick Sarb as your realtor! Many thanks to Patrick and Strub Residential for their excellent customer service! Job well done!”

-Kori C.

“The team at Strüb Residential were supportive and professional from day one. As a first time homebuyer, I and my fiancé had no clue what we were doing, what we wanted or how extensive of a process buying a home would be. Our realtor, Patrick Sarb, was so friendly and made us feel like all our needs were met. Even needs we didn’t even know! There was no pressure placed on us. It was all about finding the right home that fit our budget and had all the things we were looking for. Everyone who we told that we were buying a house kept telling us “Ugh that process is a roller coaster with highs and lows”. But, with Patrick and everyone at Strüb behind us, the process went incredibly smooth. I kept waiting for something to go wrong, but it never came. And when closing day came, I couldn’t believe it because not one thing went wrong or made us second guess our decision. We are incredibly thankful to Patrick and everyone at Strüb for making our home buying dreams come true. I know how sappy that sounds, but it’s the truth! ”

– Tyler M.

“My husband and I worked with Ashley at Strüb Residential to buy our first home in Austin. She was extremely invested in the process, evident by her great communication, fast action, and expertise, which are all key elements to the home buying process (so we have learned). With her guidance and research, she helped us to beat three other offers on the home we purchased. We are very grateful for Strüb Residential’s professionalism and making the process as simple as it could be for first-timers! I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking to buy a new home.”

-Diana H.

“I decided that it was time to consider buying my first home, and several Austin realtors told me I didn’t have the budget to purchase a home in central Austin. At the recommendation of a friend, I called Mark Strüb. Not only were those other realtors flat out wrong, Mark was able to find dozens of options for me within my budget and in the right neighborhoods. On top of that, he was always available to get to a house as soon as it came on the market so I didn’t miss out. If he couldn’t be there, he made sure someone on his team was available to show.
Buying real estate in Austin is a roller coaster, to say the least. I knew NOTHING about buying a home, and Austin’s crazy market only complicates things. Mark knows Austin, and knew exactly what to show me and what to avoid based on what I was looking for. Over the course of a month, I put offers on 5 homes, and 4 of them were multiple offer situations that didn’t work out in my favor. But Mark kept me upbeat, certain that we’d find the best house for me.
Ultimately, we found a great house. Mark’s team provided great options for inspectors, plumbers, foundation experts, etc along the way, and they were always available to give me access to the home before closing.
Long story short, if you’re looking for a realtor in Austin, call Mark.”

– Kyle H.

“Mark came to my attention via the recommendation of two close friends. I trusted my friends, so I dove in head first–and I never regretted it for a second. Strüb Residential gave us the most personalized and thorough assistance in buying our first home. I didn’t have a serious idea of what buying a home entailed, but with Mark by our side, it didn’t matter. And what’s even crazier is that he kept helping us even AFTER we bought our house (sorry for the extra work, Mark!). If we had a question about what to do, we’d just ask Mark. And he was there for us time and time again. He’s just the best and his whole crew is the best. I wasn’t even “in” to realty, and now, whenever someone says, “I’m looking to buy a house”, I’ll say “let me tell you about my REALTOR!!!!”

-Eric M.

“We worked with Eric Pugatch to purchase our first home. From step one the STRUB office staff were friendly and helpful. Eric was a great listener and truly worked to understand our needs and how best to support our search. His knowledge of the market was invaluable, and he made our home buying experience so much more enjoyable. We would highly recommend the STRUB team to anyone looking for knowledgable, client-oriented realtors.”

-Ben P.

“I had buying a house on my mind for 2 years. I got a REALTOR and started driving around looking at places within my budget. Unfortunately, I thought all I could afford was a condominium or something for no more than $[X]. I could tell that my REALTOR was disinterested in me because I didn’t have the big bucks to spend on a place and that’s when I found Mark Strub. I heard of him from a friend who had recently purchased a home and who were also on a budget as well.
I called Mark and up and he treated me with the respect I deserved. He asked me what I wanted, not what I thought I could get, but what I wanted. I told him I dreamed of owning a home, so I could have my own yard, and my daughter her own room. I told him I didn’t want to live north and I didn’t want to live too far south. He started looking immediately and in no time emailed several different options. In the mean time, I had taken a drive around Austin and came across a house for sale in a sweet little community. I called Mark right away and asked him to find out the cost. He came back with $[X]. Because of my past experience with REALTORS, I sighed and thought I could never afford that. He said let’s go take a look at it, just for kicks, so we did. The house had everything I was looking for and Mark crunched some numbers for me, even though that isn’t a part of his job. After talking the seller down and Mark helping me find good financing, I bought the house!
I am so glad I ditched the other REALTOR and went with Mark. I love my new house and even my neighbors.
I feel very fortunate to have found Mark.
Thank you, Mark”

-Rosie O.

“My Husband and I worked with Patrick to purchase our first home and really can’t say enough good things about him. Patrick is extremely knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient, and incredibly generous with his time (including mornings, evenings, and weekends over the course of several months). Patrick answered every question and explained every form and every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. Buying a home in this market is challenging, but working with Patrick made it as painless and straightforward as possible. We highly recommend Patrick and the team at Strüb Residential.”

-Patrick J.

“We loved working with Mark! This was our first home buying experience, and Mark was a wonderful guide through the exciting and stressful world of Austin residential realty. We found a great move-in ready home on our first outing. After sleeping on it a few days and with a bit of encouragement from Mark, we put in an offer and closed about a month later. This worked out great, since it was right before interest rates went up. Can’t recommend Mark and his team enough!”

-Alana P.

“I’ve been meaning to write this review for a while now, but, as I sit in our (almost) fully renovation-complete house this morning, it feels like the right time. My wife and I were first-time home buyers and had been renting in Austin for about 3 years – we knew the neighborhood we wanted to live in and knew it was going to be tough – I am truthfully not sure we could have done it without Mark. Mark’s network and reputation helped us locate a home before it hit the market, and we ultimately were able to navigate a very tricky closing process to secure exactly what we were looking for. Here’s some major takeaways from our experience with Mark: 1. First off, just Mark in general (I’m sure all of his other agents are fantastic as well): Mark is smart, enjoyable to be around, and skilled at his job. He’s easy to mesh with which is so important since, knowing this market, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time with him. 2. His knowledge of the market is fantastic – he truly understands the street by street difference of neighborhoods, pricing, schools, etc. This is sort of table stakes for a great realtor, but he definitely checks the box. 3. All the supporting employees at Strüb make this process as smooth as it can be. There is always someone to let you in to a house if something pops up, answer questions, or help with documents. Go with Mark – you will not regret it.”

-Alex M.

“As first-time home buyers, we were very careful in selecting our real estate agent. Mark was referred to us by a colleague. Once we met him, he made an excellent case to hire him, and we did. Great decision! We knew exactly what we wanted in the house. Once we found a house that matched 85% of our requirements, Mark worked really hard to get us that house. Throughout the entire process, Mark made sure that our interests are protected first and foremost: if we were to walked away from the deal, Mark gave us his full support.
There were many hurdles and big decisions to make in short time regarding this specific house purchase: structural weakness, the work that needed to be done before closing, and foremost arrogant and uncooperative seller’s camp. Our family liked the house (and still does) a lot, Mark fully supported our decision, and took the challenge in stride. He focused on hammering a great deal for us, and making the best out of impossible situation.
Almost, two years later, I can confirm that this house purchase worked out really great for our family. We plan to use his agency in the future, if the need arises. Thanks Mark!”

-Nebojsa S.

“My fiancé and I cannot say enough kind words for Ashley Jamieson. Through the process of getting to know her over the past two years, she has helped us first with a rental and then represented my fiancé as a buyer in a multi-offer situation for a hotly contested property. With seven competitive offers, Ashley expertly negotiated with the Seller’s agent and gave prudent and sound advice on how he should proceed. Through Ashley’s assiduous work, he got the house! Not content to make the sale and move on, Ashley has been with him every step of the way through the inspection, closing process, and just being a resource for a first-time homeowner. We are thrilled to have worked with Ashley and her team at Strub Residential but even happier to call her our friend. Thank you Ashley for your patience, kindness, and diligence with EVERYTHING!”

-Jessica P.

“Mark helped my husband and I buy our first home. We were nervous and unsure, especially since we had a baby on the way. Mark’s ability to listen and acknowledge the features that were important to us eased our fears. He found the things we wanted in our new home and gave us options to make our decision easier. I would recommend Mark to anyone who wants someone real, intelligent & genuine to navigate them to their future.”

-Shirl W.

“Mark was the seller’s agent when we bought our first home. He was so helpful to us after the contract was written and after the purchase was complete (see previous review) when our own agent went MIA. We decided then that he would be our guy if/when we decided to sell and buy something new. Mark was so helpful in giving us advice about the best time to put our home on the market. He was also patient with us as we went back and forth on deciding what we wanted to do! He’s never high-pressure and always flexible with your needs. He listens and communicates well. Not only is he professional and caring, but he’s just a downright nice guy whose humor was just what we needed in the sometimes stressful process of selling and buying. I walked away from this deal feeling like he’s a friend. I hope we never move again, but if we do he’s the guy I trust! Thanks, Mark!”

-Cheryl V.

“My wife and I hired Mark to assist us in purchasing our first home. After looking for several weeks we found a foreclosure that we loved in the Bouldin Creek area. There was over 20 bids on the house but with Mark’s expertise and suggestions we were the winning bid! 

After months of lender issues and bank issues due to the foreclosure we finally closed on the house. Through it all Mark stuck by our side and was always positive and reassuring even when we wanted to give up. He went above and beyond what a normal Realtor does in a transaction and was continually calling the bank and lenders and doing everything in his power to ensure we closed. 

If you are looking for a professional and knowledgeable Realtor Mark Strub is it!”

-Corey D.

“If you have had the pleasure of working with Mark, then you won’t need any details to back up the fact that he is amazing to partner with. Mark took a calculated, but cool approach to helping my wife acquire our first home together. There were tons of factors at play and he helped us navigate the great abyss with ease and confidence. The support doesn’t stop at the closing table either, he left us with materials custom made for us and our purchase that I have referenced many times. I now turn to Mark for any and all real estate questions. For me, there is no better approach to dealing with the market here in Austin.”

-Tyler W.

“Mark was the realtor who helped me purchase my home. There are few things more daunting than taking on a new and challenging job, moving to a new city and buying your first house. Now try doing all that within about three months. The new job is to be dealt with by oneself, there are moving services for moving, and, thankfully, for buying the house, I had Mark. I will be forever grateful for his assistance with navigating the quiet neighborhoods around Central Austin in the quest for the perfect place. Once said place was found, Mark made it a breeze to cut through the legal and bureaucratic jungle required to take ownership of it.
Hyperbola aside, Mark was punctual, a great communicator, had fantastic attention to detail, old-world manners and possessed a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the city. Our dialogue was open from the start and I quickly arrived to rely on and trust his judgment. These are, of course, all the traits that one would look for in an excellent real-estate business partner. However, there were a few things that, in my mind, truly set Mark apart from other (admittedly few) real estate professionals that I have worked with in the past:
1) An uncanny ability to LISTEN (versus TALK): he has helped me articulate my preferences and my needs, and was quickly able channel our efforts from what initially seemed like a wild goose chase to a focused and meaningful search. He did this in very few iterations with minimal waste of time.
2) Balance: he has always pointed out both the advantages and the flaws of all the properties we have seen, without ever trying to conceal the bad or overemphasize the good. In this sense, he has been, as pointed out above, a trusted business partner rather than a sales agent.
3) Patience: one of my favorite Mark quotes is “don’t worry, we will find it.”
4) Finally -and most importantly – vision and perspective: Mark has been in this business for a long time. Long enough to observe, absorb and understand trends, rather than try to glean them (or pretend to do so) from sales data. He has a deep understanding of the evolution of the city’s neighborhoods and of their future prospects (whether bright or less so), which means that the perspective that he provides will help you make a good home investment rather than a simple home purchase.
In summary, Mark has elevated the notion of service to an almost telepathic connection with the customer. I am glad I did business with him, I am glad to refer to him my friends and professional acquaintances who are considering a home purchase, and will gladly ask for his help in the future. He receives my highest possible recommendation.”

-Michael B.

“Buying a house is kinda a big deal. Buying your first house in a new city is a really big deal. 
From the start, Mark was helpful, informative and relaxed even switching from showing us houses to driving us to different apartments to find our temporary landing spot in Austin on our first meeting with him. From then on, we decided to stick with Mark throughout the process of finding our first home together. Throughout, Mark was patient and observant helping us hone in on our ideal location and eventual home. After we pulled the trigger he has continued to be helpful in recommending contractors for remodeling projects, advising us when we considering renting and just overall continuing to happily provide assistance long after we purchased the home.
Mark truly understands how important building and maintaining relationship are to running a successful business. Because of this he helps take some of the stress out of buying and even owning a home.”

-Ananda C.

“Mark Strub provided my husband and I with a great first time home buyer experience. Mark explained everything in detail in a manner that wasn’t overwhelming. He was always available and kept us in the loop throughout the process. We definitely recommend Strub Residential and will continue to use their services!”

-Katherine B.

“Our experience with Mark at Strüb Residential was absolutely wonderful! We found Mark via Yelp and the many excellent reviews he had received. And all of the reviews rang true! Mark was incredible to work with, and helped us in buying our first home. The process was relatively stress-free in a very competitive market. Mark is very professional but down to earth, easy to talk to, completely approachable, patient, informative, and knowledgeable about the Austin market. At every home viewing, Mark would walk us through the pros and cons of each property, providing us a balanced view to help in our decision-making process. We were all over the place with where and what we wanted to buy in Austin – we felt disorganized in our home search, but Mark was very supportive and patient and helped guide us back to what was most important to us. I can’t imagine having any other Realtor. He was responsive to and answered all of our questions and concerns, especially ones that were unique to first-time homebuyers. Being first-time homebuyers, we were a bit overwhelmed with how fast the process needs to happen in an extremely competitive market. One thing that was very important was that Mark was quick to respond to emails, texts, phone calls – anytime of day. When we found “our home,” we saw it on the listing the night before, the next morning Mark took us to see it, and the following day we made an offer. Mark eased our stress by being exceptionally timely and communicative, while at the same time, being able to work at our own speed. We never felt pressured. Mark always acted in favor of our interests. He provided great recommendations for lending and home warranty companies as well as home inspectors. He had specific strategies for choosing the best offer that was most likely to close, and helped us close on a home on 12/31/14 which was really important to us. He built a connection with the seller’s agent and helped build a strong case for us to be considered the top offer and stand out from the numerous other competitive offers. Mark continued to follow up with the seller’s agent during our option period, offered negotiations, as well as post-sale about details about repairs, etc. We got the house we wanted, and all of our transactions closed on time, and were completely pain-free. Mark has been a great mentor and friend throughout our home buying process and continues to be in contact and available for anything we would need. He does what he does because he is passionate about his work and truly loves his work. Mark is truly the best and we couldn’t be happier! Plus, he gave us an awesome Strüb onesie for our baby-on-the-way!”

-Inga S.

“As first time homebuyers we were nervous about the process. We had many questions and were initially interested in renting. After our first meeting with Mark, we realized, however, that we had more options.
Mark then introduced us to Stewart, who was AWESOME. What was great about working with Mark and Stewart was their patience with us. We had ideas of what we wanted and were looking for, but were not 100% solid on what that exactly looked like, and of course we had a lot of questions.
So thus our journey began. We looked at awesome condos downtown, east Austin and even Lakeway, and Stewart was with us every step of the way, answered all of our emails as soon as he could – which is a plus when you get excited about a house!
Once our offer was approved, Stewart was in constant communication with our lender and homebuilder to move things along. He was present at the inspection, walk-thrus, and of course closing. He is very knowledgeable and it was great having him there to assist us in asking all the right questions. Overall, extremely professional, timely, and personable!
We approached Strub Residential because of its stellar reviews, and at first one can be skeptical that every customer had a 5-star experience. However, these are reviews that can be trusted! They did an amazing job, and I will recommend this company to anyone in the future needing their services. I will definitely be using them again when the time comes!!!!”

-Sara V.

“My wife and I needed suggestions on selecting a new home. We found our ideal spot and made an appointment to meet with the builder in a Saturday afternoon. And guess what? Our agent was not answering our phone calls since the Friday before. So we called Mark in the Saturday morning, and he just showed up at the meeting in the afternoon. Yes he just showed up from nowhere, just like that 😀
After we signed the contract, he answered tons of questions from us, because we are first home buyers. And he has been continuously helping us even now, after the closing!
So, no more words, hands down to Mark!!!
Do want to mention one more thing here: Mark has a strong artistic taste, you will know when you see his badass business-card. A strong artistic taste is a superior skill for a real estate agent when comes to picking a home for his/her clients.”

– Alex K.

“Mark is great! We were first time homebuyers, but he made the process fun. The Austin market was crazy, but Mark partnered with us to find the right area. He was patient, never pressured us, and in the end, Mark’s network and knowledge of Austin landed us in our perfect home.
We’re almost a year in and we still keep in touch. Mark’s customer service doesn’t end after closing. He’s our go-to for any and all recommendations.
Mark works with all of our friends and family. He sold my mom’s house in one day!
In short, Mark is the best.”

-Jessica J.

“We reached out to STRÜB in early 202 and were immediately matched with Rosie Ochoa who is a rockstar of a REALTOR. From the get-go, my husband felt confident with her demeanor and experience. Rosie was respectful of our budget and she listened patiently to our concerns. For our first home buying experience, I couldn’t have asked for a better match. Rosie made herself available at all hours through text, phone call and email. She advocated on our behalf on all fronts and even chewed out our first loan officer for not being prepared to support us in a red-hot market. If we had a question – any question at all even if it wasn’t in her realm of expertise – we went to her first because we trusted her and if she didn’t know, you could bet your butt that she’d chase after it until she got an answer for us. She also took us on a few virtual tours and was incredibly honest in what options she thought weren’t worth our time. We ended up signing an agreement for a new construction and throughout the build period, Rosie would check in with us periodically to see if we had any questions which made us feel like we weren’t forgotten in her busy schedule. As closing day approached, she helped us navigate through stormy waters since our builder decided to impose a last-minute increase and then delay after passing of the close date. Long story short, we were able to nab our dream home thanks to Rosie and get married as stress-free as possible THE DAY AFTER!”

– Ivy W.

“We were matched with Rosie Ochoa and she was such a joy throughout the entire 9-month process. As first-time home buyers, we weren’t too sure of what to expect or look for, but Rosie was there to guide us every step of the way. We decided to go with a new home build and the closing date kept getting delayed up to 3 months. She was very prompt with responding to all parties involved and spoke up for us when a concern came up. She even went to check on the house for us during the build process to make sure things were moving along. Rosie was super calm, understanding, and reassuring when things got rough. I’m so grateful to have worked with her. Closing on our dream house wouldn’t have been possible without her. Will definitely be recommending to friends and family.”

-Sharon L.